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Our festival period consists of three parts:


De Stadskas
November 10th - November 26th
A freely accessible greenhouse at the Oldehoofsterkerhof with a program featuring many partners, a pop-up restaurant, and more!


De Broeikas
November 11th
An arts festival for young makers, in De Westerkerk and De Stadskas.


Festival Weekend
November 24th, 25th, and 26th
From horror hip-hop to literary dance moves and from modern ballads to pop heroes.


Festival theme: The (In)finity of Existence

During Explore the North 2023, we celebrate the (in)finity of existence. Artists contemplate impermanence, rise above themselves, and, together with visitors, appreciate the life of everything and everyone. For centuries, humans have lived, thought, and worked with themselves as the center of existence. However, with the growing collective awareness that the ecosystems surrounding us are smarter, more complex, and more adequate than we thought, the insight emerges that humans are not the center of existence. This perspective is, for the festival weekend, a reassuring and liberating thought: that it's not the ego but life as a whole that matters. An appreciation of finitude and infinity because with the end of each life, new life emerges in the natural cycle. Artists provide visitors with tools to shift, mold, and turn imagination into positive or constructive energy. Flow along with an (in)finite stream of transcendental insights and pure beauty!