Fan screaming at a literary show full of glitters and smoke machines

Is it a performance? Or is it a concert? Certainly not! The literary BOYBAND shows us a whole new way of mixing genres in a glamourous show to fan scream through. A fest full of glitters and smoke machines, dance moves and sultry glances. Literature in the spotlights, accompanied by catchy tunes, visuals and maybe even a live boyband-breakup. BOYBAND – the literary boyband – is a cooperation of the following five writers, poets, musicians and draftsmen: Jelko Arts, Koen Frijns, Laurens van de Linde, Martin Rombouts and Wout Waanders. So start training your vocal cords at home and squeeze through the audience towards the stage at Explore the North, because this may well be the only chance for you and your co-groupies to get a close glimpse of the single writers collective with actual dance moves.