Tear jerkers with a makeover 

The Dutchfolk singer Sophie Straat grew up in Amsterdam in the late 1990’s. Together with her associate Wieger (Goldband), Straat nowadays writes songs about the effects of gentrification and other societal and social injustices. Besides her role as ‘levenslied’ singer, Straat is an artist, who creates socially engaged work. Levenslied (Dutch, literally ‘life song’ or ‘song about life’) is a sentimental Dutch-language subgenre of popular music.

In no time Sophie Straat has become the undisputed queen of a new generation of protest singers. On her latest album Smartlap is niet Dood (2023) she sings with playful venom about social problems and themes such as sexism, racism, inequality and abuse of power. From street intimidation to mansplaining as well as the increasingly boring correctness of the city these days. Nothing is spared. With her catchy songs Sophie makes us realise – often with an ironic smile on her face – that we all still have a lot to learn.