How do you revive your life?

Leave answering that question to NAAZ. As a child in a refugee family, her roots caused her many setbacks in the arts. Full of courage, however, she broke new ground and rose to become one of the most authentic songwriters of our time. With her album Never Have I Ever, released this year, she once again demonstrates the power of her layered songwriting that, when she was very young, was already praised on Holland's Got Talent and to which even Elton John and Bono were hooked. Her work is perfectly wrapped in a solid layer of hope, leaving you with a smile and a confrontational thought. Who knows, maybe your life at Explore the North has already taken a new, hopeful turn thanks to authentic songs of a rare quality that only NAAZ can deliver. Expect a show full of Arabic influences mixed with Western sounds. For Explore the North, NAAZ will share her work with us in an intimate setting.

''When you're expected to stay minor, they won't notice you becoming major''. - NAAZ