Explore the North


Explore the North takes place on the Thursday the 22nd, Friday 23th and Sunday 24th of November 2019.

The service fees for each type of ticket are displayed immediately in the ticket menu below. Payments can be made via iDEAL or with a credit card. Your transaction fee is based on the price of your order. Orders may not total more than 10 tickets. Tickets cannot be returned.

Get your earliest bird with discount

> An Explore Everything ticket (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) cost €39,50,- (+€1,08 service fee).
Available till June the 10th

> A 'Jongerenticket Explore Everything' (all days) will be €19,50 (ex. €1,36 service fee)
> Children's passepartouts are available too (12 and under) for €8,-. *

Available from June 11 till August 31

> Explore Everything ticket - €44,50,- (ex. servicekosten)
Early Bird - (all days, 22 - 24 november 2019)

Available from 1 September

> Explore Everything ticket (all days) - €49,50,- (ex. servicekosten)
> Daytickets Friday 22 November - 22,50 (ex. service fee)
> Dayticket Saturday 23 November - 29,50 (ex. service fee)
> Dayticket Sunday 24 November - 22,50 (ex. service fee)