Layered alternative pop in expressive travelogue

Jonathan ''Johnny'' Bergsma has quite a bit to tell you. Singing, rapping, playing, speaking and visual, he shares what touches him during his exploration of life. On October 13th 2023, his debut album "Johnny loves me, really?" will be released, about his search for who he really is. It describes how as a young Sjonnie he said there was never anything wrong with him, but as more pain, loss, shame, guilt and insecurity piled up he realized that blind positivity would not get him far. He had to confront himself and learn to embrace even the painful emotions with love. At live shows, he and his band "the lovebirds" perform layered alternative pop tunes with influences from Frank Ocean, Spinvis and Tyler, the Creator. Chances are that, like Johnny, you will encounter yourself and learn to accept confrontations. The show will feature visuals developed especially for this album presentation for the first time at our festival. Yes, Johnny Loves You!