Come enjoy these literary projects during our festival: Frontaal (with Jante Wortel, Marrit Jellema, Raymond Muller and Jaap Robben), Eenzamens/Iensuminske (with Sytse Jansma, Nicole van den Berg, Remco Kuiper and Raymond Muller) and De Verwonderkamer (with the Frisians Sannemaj Betten and Mees van Rijswijk as well as the Flemings Marieke Ornelis and Johannes Lievens).

Music-wise you’ll be in for an extra treat as well with the talented Irish singer-songwriter SOAK, the South-African BCUC that merges activism and jazz, Lucrecia Dalt’s hypermodern music packed with traditional influences, Chagall’s electronic pop music with its striking light technology, BART’s expressive electro and KUOKO’s layered dream pop. 

In addition, maker Chantalla Pleiter will introduce you in Biodiversiteit in augmented reality to the amazing world of indigenous plants and insects. And choreograph Gaja Caruso will perform together with her toddler daughter (!) in The Lamb, The Fly, The Tiger – a remarkable dance performance centred around our life cycle. The poetic theatrical stories presented in Acht korte composities over het leven van Oekraïners voor een westers publiek (Eight short compositions about Ukrainian life for a western audience) by Liza Bukina en Ivan Zbaraski offer a quite realistic impression of the – not always – ordinary lives of Ukrainian people these days.

Festival weekend opened by Pidgin X
The festival weekend will open on Friday with Pidgin X, the language project of our Explore the North production house. During this project new Pidgin languages have been developed for different cities, based on all the different mother tongues which are spoken there. Learn your first words of Pidgin Leeuwarden, Groningen of Zwolle, enjoy a special performance given in these Pidgin languages and wonder: is it possible to feel homesick for a language?

These are our new festival names/performances: 

SOAK, Frontaal with Jante Wortel, Marrit Jellema, Raymond Muller and Jaap Robben, BCUC, Acht korte composities over het leven van Oekraïners voor een westers publiek van Liza Bukina and Ivan Zbaraski, Lucrecia Dalt, Chantalla Pleiter, Gaja Caruso, Pidgin XEenzamens/Iensuminske with Nicole van den Berg, Raymond Muller, Remco Kuiper and Sytse Jansma, BART, De Verwonderkamer: Oera Linda met Sannemaj Betten, Marieke Ornelis, Johannes Lievens and Mees van Rijswijk, Chagall and KUOKO.

Already got your tickets? 

For € 49.50 you’re covered for the whole weekend. Day tickets are also available for € 22.50 (Friday and Sunday) and € 29.50 (Saturday).

Buy your tickets here

These are our new festival names for 14, 15 and 16 october: 

Frontaal – Jante Wortel, Marrit Jellema, Raymond Muller and Jaap Robben

My book your book no book

Frontaal just has to be thee leading writer’s platform of today! With performances, interviews, contests and their own unique swing Frontaal presents the coolest both upcoming as well as established writers in one single programme. Each month since 2015 Frontaal has been descending on various stages in the Netherlands and now it’s our turn!! For this special Explore-edition we are hosting the following writers & performers: Jante Wortel, Marrit Jellema, Raymond Muller and Jaap Robben. They are going to recite and engage in a vibrant round table discussion about words, word art and undoubtedly much more this evening, chaired by organiser and moderator Robbert Meijntjes.

Biodiversiteit in augmented reality ( Biodiversity in augmented reality) - Chantalla Pleiter 

Another way to look at indigenous plants and insects

Imagine nature consisting only of sounds, what would we be hearing? It wouldn’t be a chaotic cacophony, on the contrary: it would sound like an exuberant symphony. For nature is a collection of numerous different ecologies or networks existing all over the world, in which multiple species each play their own specific role in relation to each other. In the Netherlands too, it is precisely the ‘consonance‘ of its flora and fauna that makes our nature so beautiful.

In Biodiversiteit in augmented reality you will enter the world of indigenous plants and insects, allowing you to experience nature in a totally new way. Armed with a tablet and headphones you are to discover the sounds and stories of our Dutch biodiversity.

Chantalla Pleiter is supported by Station Noord – a Northern talent developing programme.


Previously announced festival programme 

This is the previously announced line-up of our Explore the North festival weekend:

Billie Marten, Bnnyhunna, Amaro Freitas, Marina Herlop, Pitou, Joost Oomen, Willie Darktrousers & de Poezieboys, Kruidkoek, YĪN YĪN, Muxingye Chen and Rik van den Heuvel, Carmen Villain, Corinne Heyrman, Anne-Goaitske Breteler, Jerusalem In My Heart, Maria W Horn, Maya Shenfeld, Eydís Evensen, Nyk de Vries & Artvark Saxophone Quartet, Manu van Kersbergen ft. .multibeat, DOT WIER’UM, Bram van Helden, Merlijn Huntjens, Julia Reidy, Jonge Schrijvers, Controversiële diersoort(Controversial Species): Han van der Vegt, Monique Hendriks, Anne Broeksma, Alexis de Roode, Arnoud Rigter and sieger baljon, Alabaster dePlume, Junodream, aya ft. Sweatmother, Jessica Moss, Matthijs van Boxsel, Wayne Snow, Ahilan Ratnamohan and Fixdit with Sanneke van Hassel, Shantie Singh, Marleen Stoelwinder and Lisa Weeda.

Read all about them on our festival page

More performances in De Stadskas from 1 to 16 october 

From 1 to 16 October you’re more than welcome in De Stadskas – the lively heart of our festival. Here – together with our cultural partners – we present a free, multi-coloured and multi-vocal cultural programme. Read all about it here.