The unchanging essence of lovestories

Peach Season is a multidisciplinairy danceperformance in which two dancers, two poets (Yvonne Zeegers en Martin Rombouts) and a composer create a physical, visual and auditive play depicting a loverelationship. The composition is inspired by ASMR therapy.

"Love stories have always inspired me. My whole life can be divided into seasons of relationships and the input that kind of interaction brought to my sense of my "self" and "the world." My love stories and those of others are important because no matter how much the social climate changes and with it our expectations of love, the essence of the love stories somehow remains the same. With Peach Season I want to return to this essence. I want to make people feel like they are falling in love." 
- Gaja Caruso

Director: Gaja Caruso
Dancers: Gaja Caruso, Roni Yaacobi
Poets: Yvonne Zeegers, Martin Rombouts
Music: Rik van der Heuvel
Creative producer: Agnese Fiocchi
Technical producer: Jelle Rebel

Dit project wordt mogelijk gemaakt door Station Noord, Grand Theatre en Club Guy & Roni.