Photo: Gordon Meuleman

A place for us all, where all things are useless

Huh, Oo? But it says Yy, doesn’t it?
I know, but it’s pronounced like Oo.
What do you mean??
‘Y’ is a Russian letter that sounds like ‘Oo’.
Ah. So, it’s also Thermopoolae?
Anyway... WELCOME!

We would very much like to invite you to Yy or ‘Tribute to the commemoration of the Battle of Thermopylae’. Yy is a bacchanal of poems, speeches, paradoxes, discoveries, opportunities, coughing, predictions, an ambush by geniuses, laughing, crying and politics. Yy is a place where all things are useless. Where art is useless. Where we don’t have to be efficient or have to perform. Yy is a place for us all. Yy is a place where we are going to celebrate the life and work of the absurdist Daniil Charms. Don’t worry, you’ll be brought home with a full belly and swim clothing isn’t required. LONG LIVE Yy! HAIL Yy! WELCOME TO Yy!

Friday 28 October 8.30 pm
Explore the North - The Sessions
De Westerkerk | Price: € 12,50