Eternally searching through countless paths

In his (for now) eternal quest to find the Story of Stories, primordial storyteller Thomas Dudkiewicz storms the stage with his never-ending tale. This new solo The Last Chapters is an existential, immersive experience in which the storyteller delves into the mind of the comatose actor "Thomas," to bring him back to consciousness in a last-ditch effort. Journey along the frayed edges of imagination and the Self. Using a soundscape on a binaural sound system, URLAND immerses you in new ways of evoking myriad and infinite worlds and ultimately bringing the ultimate story to life. The Last Chapters premieres 24th of February 2024, but exclusively for Explore the North, Dudkiewicz is giving you a sneak peek of this phenomenal performance.

Language: English spoken

Play: Thomas Dudkiewicz
Direction & dramaturgy: Thibaud Delpeut
Sound design: Tomas Loos
Scenography & lighting design: Hendrik Walther
Technical team: Sander van der Werff, Marcel Janssen, Ruud Lamers
Publicity/marketing: Esra J. Merkel & Pien Visser
Business direction: Martha van Meegen
Business assistance: Mara Liza de Bakker
Production: URLAND
Co-production: Theater Rotterdam
The research trajectory of this performance was conducted in the Innovation:Lab of Theater Utrecht.
(Samiha Awad, Abdelhadi Baaddi, Myrthe Ligtenberg, Sebastiaan Kox)