An epic, musical journey through the inevitable

How do rituals provide us comfort? After years of pursuing their own separate paths, Swedish musicians Sara Parkman and Maria W Horn - who know each other from their teenage rock bands - reunite their craftsmanship for a project brimming with emotional energy, where they explore rituals of mourning. In Funeral Folk, they invite you into a contemplation of farewells and the phenomenology of death. Join them on a musical journey that places the (in)finite nature of life at its core. Through a blend of sacred songs, minimalist music, folk melodies from the northern Swedish province of Ångermanland, and Finnish black metal, they create an almost otherworldly electro-acoustic sound. Its comfort lies precisely in the paradoxical fact that loss can bring us closer together. Expect epic soundscapes featuring special instruments like the Hurdy-Gurdy. The Great Church will resonate like never before, and the melancholic sound may linger with you, perhaps forever.

About the creators

Maria W Horn is a composer and synthesizer artist who utilizes instrumentation ranging from analog synthesizers to choirs, string instruments, pipe organs, and chamber music formats. Her music often builds on minimalist structures and explores the qualities of sound and its ability to transcend time and space, reality and dreams. In 2022, she delivered an impressive solo show at Explore the North.

Sara Parkman is a violinist, singer, and composer who focuses on Swedish folk music. In her work, she explores her Christian heritage - the sacred music that has been a part of her family for many generations. Parkman brings together a unique blend of influences, from Hildegard von Bingen to intense beats, and from Gregorian chants to Berghain influences. With her recent releases, she proves to be one of the most prominent contemporary folk musicians.