Photo: Gordon Meuleman

Rock & Roll & Poetry of the highest level

In 1966 Simon Vinkenoog invites a couple of poets to get together in Carré (famous Dutch venue in Amsterdam). Their meal: half a chicken and a joint. These poets – including a debuting Jules Deelder, Johnny the Selfkicker and Vinkenoog himself – performed to a steaming¸ loud and sold out Carré. Impossible to sell out such a grand venue with merely poetry, you say? De Poezieboys disagree. De Poezieboys are actually Jos Nargy and Joep Hendrikx. Together they will offer today’s top-notch poetry during Pussynight, inspired by the above mentioned legendary evening in 1966. Because they think the world can use some good old Rock & Roll & Poetry again. Every Pussynight they invite different poets with only one thing in mind: whipping up their audience to a steaming¸ loud frenzy in a sold out venue due to as well as by celebrating poetry!

Explore the North’s Pussynight is quite unique, as it's packed with guests of the rest of the festival programme. For this special festival edition, you'll see performances by:

Sophia Blyden
Babeth Fonchie Fotchind
Willie Darktrousers
Guim Valls