Painter Koenraad Tinel and bayan player Oleg Lysenko join forces and take you into a perpetual story in Red Cavalry

This cross-genre show is built around stories from "the greatest prose writer of Russian Judaism": Isaac Babel. Babel was known for, among other things, subcutaneous criticism of communism. Tinel tells the stories while he paints live. Lysenko, in turn, plays melancholy Cossack songs, bringing out both the Russian soul and the Jewish voice. The brushstrokes of Tinel and the bayan sounds of Lysenko complement each other wonderfully in these Russian stories. In 2019 - a hundred years after the Russian Revolution - Babel's stories are immensely topical again in their immortal greatness. Red Cavalry is the result of a long-standing fascination with Koenraad Tinel for the work of Isaac Babel.

Creatie en concept: Koenraad Tinel | Productie: Leysbroek