Carnivalesque punk energy with techno influence by mystic duo

Inspired by Brazilian carnival and with a background in performance art and hardcore mystic duo Ninos du Brasil is the perfect group to close this 2023 edition of Explore the North on Saturday evening with their trademark frenzied, rhythmic show. Last year this Italian duo released their latest album Antro Pop, featuring their typical, percussive language like you have never heard it before. Unlike Brazilians carnival – this evening’s set will probably not go on for weeks, but this duo always manages to compress so much energy into this spirituel dance experience that you’re bound to feel it resonating for a least a couple of days. Hair styling tip for this show: go easy on the gel, in order to prevent too much confetti getting stuck in your hair!

“A slap in the face that motivates you for the rest of your very existence.“ - HHV