Fresh and lively look at Afghan folk music

Afghan singer Elaha Soroor and the acclaimed music collective Kefaya from London have joined forces to provide a fresh and lively look at Afghan folk music, as embodied in countless types of music: everything from spiritual jazz and dub to classical Indian music and electronica. Their album Songs Of Our Mothers, released this September, is based on Elaha’s flight from Afghanistan and the struggle confronting many other female artists around the world. These are stories of joy, pain and resilience, passed on from mother to daughter in times of repression and deprivation. Yet they also celebrate femininity, sensuality and resistance. Elaha and Kefaya are proud to present their ‘modern, multicultural masterpiece’ to you this edition of Explore: ‘a provocative celebration of freedom and internationalism’. (Uncut 9/10).

“A song that embraces freedom and charges down boundaries” - over ‘Charsi’