Tuut Tuut Kwantumschuim is a performance about space. Or to put it more accurately: a performance about the space where humankind is not. Some 5 billion years from now, the hydrogen in the Sun's core will be depleted and the Sun will expand until it swallows up the Earth As humankind we thus have two choices: going down together with the Sun or leaving this galaxy sometime in advance. For Joost Oomen and garage jazz band Kruidkoek, this thought led to an engaging jumping-off point for creating a show.

Because is it actually possible to introduce the circumstances of an empty galaxy to a human audience? Tuut Tuut Kwantumschuim attempts to make the very largest and very smallest physics processes comprehensible for anyone watching. Of course they will be doing so in their very own fashion, one only Joost Oomen & Kruidkoek are able to provide. The result is a performance which does not explain how matters work, but which allows the audience to experience what it is like to witness the major shift the galaxy is hurtling towards.

Tuut Tuut Kwantumschuim is an Explore the North production.