Stories based on strangers’ portrait photographs

What do you think about when looking at someone you don’t know? What judgments do you make? Do you look at their appearance, or do you attempt to see beyond their skin and hair? How do you give a stranger a story? Based on a portrait photograph of students at the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (Terschelling), the young writers of Meeuw Jonge Schrijvers penned a story. What kind of life do their peers lead, who see a future for themselves at sea? A multidisciplinary snowball project will soon have other young performers giving their interpretation of the great unknown – Het Grote Onbekende – the other.

At Explore the North the makers and students will be meeting each other, and you and the other visitors can see the results of the process.

A collaboration between Meeuw Jonge Theatermakers, Oerol, Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz and Explore the North.