On, on, on and on

You scroll through your timeline and see one success after another from acquaintances and strangers alike. Everything goes on and on, every morning, every night. Every weekend, every day. How does our achievement-oriented world affect the way we view the success of others and ourselves? In Something Else, five dancers explore the social pressure to achieve quick success at a young age. How do we relate to others in a world where it seems impossible to stop and slow down? Can we work together or are we, as a generation, destined for an endless and lonely race? An acrobatic dance performance about today's twenty-somethings. Expect hypnotic choreography in which Collectief MAMM launches, dives, balances and catches in a seemingly fluid and effortless manner... but appearances can be deceiving.

 "Collectief MAMM launches, dives, balances and catches. For thirty minutes they make the hairs on my forearms stand straight up." de Theaterkrant

Concept: Collective MAMM
Creation: Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen ism. the dancers
Dancers: Amber Veltman, Gihan Koster, Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen, Winter Wieringa
Developed in: Makershuis Alkmaar
Dramaturgy: Isabel Meloen
Coaching: Camiel Corneille
With thanks to: Municipality of Alkmaar, NORMA fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Janivo Foundation, Gravin van Bylandt Foundation