Explore the North

Explore the North 2017


BlackboxRed vs. Frankfurd

BlackboxRed vs. Frankfurd

From the moment that BlackboxRed takes the stage, it’s clear that they will be taking down the house before they leave. Like a runaway steamroller, this Leeuwarden grunge duo plasters its music out over the audience. Eva holds the crowd hostage with her fiery gaze and awe-inspiring vocals, while battering her guitar, with Stefan in the meantime ruthlessly transforming his drum kit into a quivering heap of scrap metal. They will share the stage with Frankfurd, also from Friesland. Bob along to a melodious live mix of trip, ambient, techno and pop. Frankfurd’s sound developed in the Frisian lake region Friese Meren, where Ferdy Ouderkeren and Frank Kroon met up in their home port Sneek. Especially for Explore the North, these bands will be playing the same stage together.

Photo: Melanie Marsman

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