Astounding project of talented violinist and pianist

Settle yourself in the St. Bonifatiuskerk and celebrate your imagination. AVA is the musical baby born to violinist Anna Phoebe and pianist Aisling Brouwer. This talented classically schooled duo will take you on a musical journey at Explore the North, one filled with soundscapes. The sparkling exchange between violin and piano is rooted in the cinematic stories that emotional journeys of the heart and mind conjure up. It tickles your imagination with the enchanting rhythm of tides rolling in and out again. It is a wonderful opportunity to lend your thoughts free rein and to fantasise about new worlds. The two composers met in 2016, with their shared love of writing for cinema, art and dance leading to AVA. This partnership has truly evoked the musical identity of Anna and Aisling. Listen to their debut album Waves (2019), released on Björk’s thome label One Little Indian Records, to find out.