Automatic is a postpunk trio comprising Lola Dompè (drums and vocals), Izzy Glaudini (synth and vocals) en Halle Saxon Gaines (bass and vocals). Based in Los Angeles, they got together in 2017 and caused quite a buzz with their first EP. Their minimal sound, stripped of guitars, is rife with experimental avant-garde synth sounds, following in the footsteps of bands like Suicide, Kleenex and Nau (perhaps Bauhaus too, with Dompè herself a daughter of one of its founders), then soaring beyond them. The band also enjoy seeking inspiration in cinema, as reflected by the ambiguous lyrics and enigmatic atmosphere of their album Signal. Their shows are interactive and visually overcharged, always delighting their audiences.

About automatic
Izzy Glaudini
(synths, vocals) studied film at the university. Starting out as a guitarist and singer, she soon traded in her guitar for a synthesiser.

Lola Dompé (drums, vocals) was born into a punk family (her father is Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus fame), beginning her first band – art-rockband Blackback – when she was just 13.

Halle Saxon (bass, vocals) came to love film working in a cult movies video shop. She enjoys plugging her fretless bass into a guitar amp.