In the eighteenth century, Eise Eisinga constructed a beautiful planetarium in Franeker, launching him to global fame. In this Campus Talk, Arjen Dijkstra, director of the University Museum of the University of Groningen, will be speaking about his Eisinga biography, De Hemelbouwer. Een biografie van Eise Eisinga (The Visionary. A Biography of Eise Eisinga).  It is a story about a special life, since Eisinga was involved in much more than his helping make science widely accessible. In his lifetime, he fought an unjust regime and stood up for his fellow citizens. With his biography as framework, Arjen Dijkstra will take you back to a time when nearly everyone appeared to be dancing on the threshold.

Our Campus Talks are presented in collaboration with the University of Groningen's Campus Fryslân.

About the Campus Talks
This year Explore the North will once again be present on Campus Fryslân! This is the University of Groningen's eleventh faculty, one where a variety of research is conducted, delving into topics including culture, language and technology, as well as policy studies and sustainable society. Campus Talks will be taking place throughout the festival, with academics discussing the world of tomorrow and the major issues of the day. Intended for anyone longing to know about the ways in which the world works, who can handle new experiences and enjoys amazement.