Ah? Ooh!

Ão is a young and promising Belgian foursome that brings a mix of saudade, indie pop and subtle electronica, complemented by frontwoman Brenda Corijn's phenomenal voice. Corijn draws on her Mozambican-Portuguese roots for the Portuguese and English vocal lines that intertwine with Siebe Chau's southern guitar, Jolan Decaestecker's ambient sounds and production and Bert Peyffers' eclectic percussion. Not only did they win a large fan base domestically within a short time, even the influential Seatle-based radio station KEXP already gave them airplay. Oh, and just in case you're wondering what Ão means: depending on the pronunciation, it can mean something beautiful, something sad or something painful, something astonishing or riveting nonsense. And believe it or not, but Ão's music is so rich, it has all these emotions in it... except except for that last one.

This show is part of the Excite exchange programme. In collaboration with Popfabryk.