What does one feel when reading together in silence?

In the Andi installation you get to sit opposite somebody else. Somebody who is a visitor just like you are. Somebody flipping through pages together with you, for these you share. Somebody who can form you and who in turn you can form. It’s quiet, your co-visitor turns a page. How does a connection develop during this random meeting of two people reading a story together?

"De installatie ontleent zijn bijzondere betekenis aan de innige stilte en de toevallige verbondenheid van de beide deelnemers, het is vluchtig en duurt twintig minuten, en toch is er een grote mate van gedeeld samenzijn: je leest dezelfde woorden en je bevindt je in elkaars nabijheid.” - De Theaterkrant


Concept and script: Mirte Desmeth | Assistance: Rashif El Kaoui | Supported by de Brakke Grond, FPK-Nieuwe Makersregeling covid 19

About Mirte Desmeth
Mirte Desmeth (1997) graduated from the Lemmens Institute in Leuven in 2015 and completed the directing course at the Maastricht Theater Academy in 2020. In 2021 she started part-time training as a drama therapist. She also works as a researcher within cross-sectoral innovation. Her work straddles the line between text installations and experiential theater in which she directs the audience.