[langere tekst in Engels]
Gemale Aristote Bofunda, aka SHAOLIN VERSACHI, will introduce the audience to his planet Salzirius in a multidisciplinary theatre performance called Enter Salzirius. Planet Salzirius is part of a fictive universe which was created and written by Gemale. According to the artist, he decided to create Salzirius in order to find a new way of storytelling that could invite his audience into his inner world and talk with them about one of Gemale’s favorite topic: harmony. He furthermore adds that it is his goal to encourage people to embrace their personal definition of harmony which is in his opinion hidden in their uniqueness. Gemale will take the audience on a trip through time and space while telling emotional and intense insights of his own life. The aim is to inspire the audience to like themselves more because they are all simply unique.

december 3th 2020 - Work in progress at Grand Theatre in Groningen 
december 4th 2020 - Work in progress at Grand Theatre in Groningen

Maker and performer: Shaolin Versachi (Gemale)
Sound designer: Oyosounds
Scenography: Academie Minerva, Time Based Design students: Alex Murphy, Cezara Gurau, Deniz Yilmaz, Isabela Manea, Johan Edelman, Marciano Riffo Zambrano
Teacher scenography: Andre Pronk
Projectleader: Savan Huisman
Dramaturg: Merel Heering
Artistic coach: Mohamed Yusuf Boss
Creative producing coach: Jaukje van Wonderen
Partners: Explore the North, Popfabryk
Thanks to: Station Noord

[photo's by Lucas Kemper]