Under the moniker of Mega Bog Erin Elizabeth Birgy creates the most adventurous pop music. Folksongs, indie pop, jazz, disco, all mixed up in a style that still remains to be completely her own. For her latest bombastic and danceable album End of Everything (released last week) she decided to leave her guitar for what it was and give her synthesizer and piano a go for a while. The result may very well be one of this year’s greatest albums, indeed genuinely showing that it still is possible to keep on living on the brink of a catastrophe.

BOYBAND, the literary boyband is the only writers collective with dances moves to offer a literary show full of glitters and smoke machines. That means you’ll probably be standing up front screaming your head off together with your co-groupies for Jelko Arts, Koen Frijns, Laurens van de Linde, Martin Rombouts and Wout Waanders!

In 2019 the Brabohoppers of Frino have already been our festival guests in a smaller setting, performing their hit Dikke Jenny (...was een goudvis)* for the first time. This time these word artists are rightly taking things to whole new level, offering an hilarious experience full of pounding bass tunes and funky beats in the Neushoorn Arena.

* Fat Jenny (… was a gold fish)  

Kleine Crack & Slagter are going to take things even a step further with their merciless hip-hop packed with wicked ominous aesthetics. The well-known Dutch Faberyayo and Abel (Hang Youth) already embraced their music on their Burning Fik (Burning Fire) label – rather telling indeed if one’s label is called like that.

The Norwegian Inger Nordvik captures the changing of the seasons in her second album Hibernation, resulting in dynamic songs full of jazz and folk influences centred around her crystal clear vocals. At Explore the North Nordvik will perform a special duo set with her guitarist..

Under the moniker Someone Dutch-British Tessa Rose Jackson creates both music as well as visual art. Together with her 6-piece band she takes you along into a warm musical world packed with hypnotising vocals and sparkling synthesizers.

With their impressive electro-punk disco Baba Ali offers a fusion of dance floor energy and a raw guitar sound. Expect a show full of catchy, bluesy vocals, carried by solid, effective beats, which will capture you from the very first moment they hit your ears.

Flora Sophi creates high-contrast pop songs with trip-hop and electronic influences, using her dynamic vocal lines to tell us about the many places where we could and should feel at home, all accompanied by pulsating synth sounds and trip-hop beats, reminiscent of Björk, Thomas Azier and Portishead.

For their STORMO® performance the Italian company Effetto Larsen seeks to connect with a temporary community based in Leeuwarden. Around 25 city residents – young and old – are to participate in the performances given in the city’s beautiful Synagogue hall and to explore how people can get a better understanding of each other through movement. When does one come up against the limits of individual freedom?

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