When will Explore the North 2021 take place?
Explore the North will take place 19–21 November, starting on Friday 19 November and ending on Sunday 21 November. The Explore the North festival period is 5–21 November, including alongside the festival an extensive programme taking place in the De Westerkas venue.

Where will Explore the North 2021 be taking place?
The festival venues can be found throughout Leeuwarden city centre. More information will follow soon.

Will De Stadskas venue at Oldehoofsterkerkhof be there again?
Unfortunately we cannot erect the De Stadskas venue this year. However, programme elements that took place there in the past can be found this year in the Westerkerk venue (De Westerkas), from 5–17 November.

Is there an information desk?
There will be a festival reception desk where you can ask all your last-minute questions. During the festival period, it can be found at Obe on Oldehoofsterkerkhof.

Can I apply to work as volunteer for the festival and/or at the De Westerkas venue?
Of course you can! Please fill in the form found on this page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Coronavirus Check

It is of course unavoidable: Anyone aged 13 and over is required to present a ‘coronavirus pass’ (coronatoegangsbewijs) in order to visit our festival, including during the festival weekend (19–21 November). In order to ensure not having to show your CoronaCheck QR code or other proof at every festival venue, we will provide visitors with a coronavirus wristband (coronapolsbandje) at the Obe ticket & coronavirus checkpoint at Obe on Oldehoofsterkerkhof.
You can use the CoronaCheck app for this or bring along a printed version of your QR code (strictly via And of course do not forget to bring along valid ID.

Be forewarned! Will you be visiting the festival on more than a single day? In that case you will need to visit the Obe ticket & coronavirus checkpoint for a new coronavirus wristband every festival day you are visiting.

Should any changes to coronavirus-related rules and legislation take place, we will inform you. Please visit this page and our social media channels regularly.


When will ticket sales begin?
Ticket sales started on 2 September 2021.

What kind of tickets are there?
You can purchase Explore Everything weekend tickets or separate day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, using this link.

Can I have my tickets refunded if I am unable to attend?
Unfortunately, this is not possible.   

I have lost my ticket. What should I do now?
We only have e-tickets this year, which luckily are a bit harder to lose. If you are absolutely unable to find your tickets, please write to

I did not receive a ticket. What should I do now?
If you still have not received your e-tickets 24 hours later, please check your Spam folder, check whether the payment has been completed, and check whether you submitted the correct email address. If all this information is correct and you have still not received your e-tickets, please contact us at

Can I exchange my tickets? 
No, tickets cannot be exchanged.

I have another question about ticket sales. Who should I get in touch with? In that case, pleas write us at



Leeuwarden railway and bus station is just a 15-minute walk away the city centre and hence also most of the festival venues. You can park in the car park at Oldehoofsterkerkhof or the car park at Zaailand.


With the exception of the Stadhuis venue during Project Overtone, all Explore venues are accessible to visitors using wheelchairs. We will do our utmost to make the Waalse Kerk and De Westerkerk venues as accessible to wheelchair users as possible, but it would be of great assistance if you could inform us of your arrival and visit by writing to Many thanks!


Throughout the entire festival period (5–21 November), from Thursday through Sunday, you can dine at the pop-up restaurant in De Westerkerk from 12 noon until 9 PM. In order to ensure that you can be seated, please make a reservation online, using our website. You can also visit the cosy Neushoorn Foyer for a drink and a bite to eat on the festival weekend days: Friday (19 November) starting at 5 PM and on Saturday (20 November) and Sunday (21 November) starting at 2 PM. And of course nearly all the Explore venues will have drinks for sale.