On Friday 18 November we have invited STORMRAM to perform. STORMRAM is a travelling theatre programme in the Northern Netherlands, which features work of new Northern makers. One evening each season a theatre or venue opens its doors to new and possibly unknown work of talented makers.

During this STORMRAM two performances of Northern talents are presented: one full-length performance as well as a work-in-progress performance by upcoming talent. This evening’s The Sessions edition of STORMRAM features JÓRMA and Antiklimax. JÓRMA connects music with theatre and performance art. Antiklimax writes and plays energetic performances focusing on man’s existential struggle. The evening is closed with an after talk with these makers, offering the audience the opportunity to discuss their work with them personally.

This STORMRAM-evening is part of Explore the North | The Sessions.

Friday 18 November 8.30 pm
De Westerkerk | Price: € 12,50