Four women, four cultures, one story, one stage

In this unique musical project, Yiddish Waves is working together with Explore the North and the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, which will be Capital of Culture in 2019. Featuring leading artists with roots in Yiddish, Frisian, Bulgarian and Roma culture, the concert promises to be an unparalleled musical and cultural journey.

Despite the major differences between the languages and cultures, there are also similarities. Especially for Explore the North, Lucette van den Berg (Yiddish), Ines Timmer (Frisian), Ginka Tser (Roma) and Mariya Pasheva (Bulgarian) all collaborated intensively with four musicians. The result is a surprising pact between past and present: versatile, melancholic, driving and riveting. The group will be in residence in the Westerkerk, 18–21 November, with the première on Thursday.