Photo: Marc de Fotograaf

Pop music in a synergetic light installation

Singer and producer Chagall creates electronic pop music accompanied by a remarkable technological show. A real live experience, during which she manages to operate her B.A.B.Y. installation via movements and sensors. In her music as well as through her unique, intimate and organic use of technology Chagall shows us her vulnerability as a human being. Her B.A.B.Y. installation sometimes proves to be a comfortable cocoon, a safe space fully reactive to Chagall, yet at other moments B.A.B.Y. itself appears to take control, confronting Chagall with her vulnerabilities. Unlocked is a fusion of art forms and various talents of Chagall and her team, an experience you would never want to miss.

Unlocked is a coproduction of Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis and Explore the North. The project was partly made possible by the Amarte fonds and the Dioraphte fonds.