In this multidisciplinary performance, Gemale takes you on a journey to the planet Salzirius, part of his own fictional universe, one he created in 2018 for this work in progress in order to tell the many stories he has to tell, a place where his inner world comes to life.

In his performance, Gemale has created a world for his audience and himself, where video, sound, music, light and stories transport you to one of Gemale’s favourite topics: harmony, in all its guises. With his journey through time and space to Salzarius, Gemale speaks about his own life, his emotional and intense insights and his own sense of balance – of inner harmony. ‘We are all unique and that’s where you find your own harmony.’

This performance is in English. Enter Salzirius is an Explore the North and Popfabryk production.

Times and other information
Fri 3 September | 8.30PM > book your dinner in De Westerkerk for this day
Sat 4 September | 8.30PM
Westerkerk | Prijs: €7,50 | Language: English

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About Gemale

Aristote Bofunda Gemale (Shaolin Versachi), who was born in Congo, is a student at the Academy for Pop Culture in Leeuwarden. Gemale is a musician, theatre maker, writer and storyteller, who prefers to create performances in which he combines various disciplines. He hopes to contribute to the lives of others with his performances. In 2021, Gemale was selected for the #NieuweStukken talent development programme for writers (including those writing for the theatre) of the Dutch performing arts fund Fonds Podiumkunsten and the Dutch literary fund, the Nederlands Letterenfonds.