Stalwart multi-instrumentalist celebrates cool combination of classical and electronica

Imagine being a composer who has just completed an album and then all of the recordings and masters are stolen. This is precisely what happened to Argentine composer and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Plano. Quite soon after this devastating loss, he was spending nights at home busily recreating and reconstructing his music, full of hope and good cheer. It finally dawned upon him that reconstruction of the original recordings was impossible. Yet the ultimate result – a response to the loss and the original work – is every bit as striking as Plano’s nigh on absurd perseverance. His roots in South American folk music and tango waft gently through an astounding mix of classical music with electronica influences. This is a concert which is not to be missed by those who appreciate the music of the likes of Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm.