Fiery defiance in word and sound

A fiery cross-pollination and a poetic protest by four young and talented makers. Musician and artist Willie Darktrousers and performers Martin Rombouts, Maxime Garcia Diaz and Dean Bowen have gotten together to create brand-new work on anger and defiance. They’re angry and you’ll know it! These rebels will blow you away with their furious interaction between word and sound.

In this theatrical performance, poetry, music and spoken word are used to explore the philosophical side to activism and protest. What does it mean to resist something? Can a poem be a demonstration, or a manifesto a work of art?

Poetic Resistance is an Explore the North production, with special thanks to WORM Rotterdam.

Take a look at the mission statement of Poetic Resistance.

Times and other information
Thu 24 June | 8:30PM (premiere)
Westerkerk | Price: € 12,50 | Language: Dutch

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About the makers

Martin Rombouts (Rotterdam, 1992) is a writer, maker and performer. He graduated from ArtEZ Creative Writing in 2017 with a post-truth non-fiction novella entitled I want to climb the mountain, which led to his being selected for the Slow Writing Lab talent programme of the Dutch literary fund, the Nederlands Letterenfonds. He has published on ABCyourself, in literary magazine Tirade and in the Oerol Dagkrant, while also performing at Lowlands, the Wintertuinfestival and in Perdu, among others. Rombouts is a member of BOYBAND, the literary boy band. In 2019, he was selected for the Arts/Science Academy Honours Programme of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), intended for young and talented artists and academics.

Maxime Garcia Diaz (1993) is a poet and Cultural Analysis student at the University of Amsterdam. In 2018, she toured the Netherlands and Flanders with the Poëziebus, a poetry-dedicated bus. In 2019, she won the NK Poetry Slam joined the Paris writing residency of deBuren. Her work has been published on De Internet Gids, De Optimist, Samplekanon, the online ‘room’ of publishers Uitgeverij Chaos and on EXPOSED. She writes about the internet, bodies, porous borders, cockroaches and sad girls as resistance fighters.

Dean Bowen (1984) is a poet and performer. He has published on Samplekanon and Hard//Hoofd, as well as in nY and the Flemish art magazine Kunsttijdschrift Vlaanderen. He gained fame performing at home and abroad, bringing his so very passionate declamation to the stage. As a writer, he primarily concerns himself with exploring the dynamics of a composite identity and how this relates to positioning in both a political and societal sense.

Willie Darktrousers (1990) is an artist and musician hailing from the Frisian village of Donkerbroek. He creates images and sound with which he investigates what animism could mean to this day and age. For Poetic Resistance, Darktrousers supports the poets’ performance with his dark electronica.