Delving into intriguing Indian rhythms together with a world-renowned British percussionist and the talented Pasveerkorps Leeuwarden

The world-renowned British percussionist Pete Lockett (known from collaborations with artists such as Björk and Amy Winehouse, and as composer for a number of James Bond movies) and the Pasveerkorps Leeuwarden marching band (led by David van der Heide) will be presenting the intriguing world of Indian rhythms and the associated rhythmic language Konnakol at Explore the North. It was their shared passion for Indian rhythms and Konnakol that brought Lockett and Van der Heide together. At Explore the North they will playing a new composition created especially to showcase this language, performing together with the very talented Pasveerkorps Leeuwarden. These stars of the marching band world won the ‘Show’ competition at the WMC Kerkrade world championships in 2017. This is a unique opportunity to discover a new language and be blown away by this astounding drummer and brilliant band.

This project is a collaboration between Explore the North, Keunstwurk / Fulkaan, Pete Lockett, Pasveerkorps Leeuwarden, David van der Heide and Organisatie van Muziekverenigingen in Fryslân (OMF).