NEIDERLANT OU NEIDERLANT, is a series of videos which are karaoke interpretations of Dutch songs, transcribed and sung by non native speakers according to the phonetics of their native tongue.

In NEIDERLANT OU NEIDERLANT, Davide Tidoni asked non-native Dutch residents to sing
karaoke interpretations of popular Dutch songs. The songs have also been transcribed by the singers according to the (arbitrary) phonetics of their native tongue, highlighting the difficulties in becoming familiar with the sounds of a new language.

About the maker
Davide Tidoni is an artist working from the boundaries of physical, perceptual, and affective dimensions of sound. His work addresses questions regarding interactions with acoustic space, intersubjectivity, and impermanence. His practice also includes interests in the use of sound in counter-cultures and social contexts of struggle. In 2018 he published The Sound of Normalisation, a field research on the ultras group Brescia 1911.