During the past few months, poet Elmar Kuiper and filmmaker Ester Eva Damen created a theatrical performance filled with cinema and poetry. In this multimedia show, featuring actor Rienk Nicolai and music from the Tigers fan Greonterp, Elmar Kuiper sings poems in Frisian; some are about his work in psychiatric care and others on the meeting with the other. As Fakman (nurse), Elmar Kuiper relates to the Minskewolf, with the question remaining open who is the nurse and who is receiving help.

Minskewolf is part of a trilogy. Ester Eva Damen made three shorts together with Elmar Kuiper, Tsead Bruinja and Nynke Laverman, entitled Rûzje Wyn.

Minskewolf is an Explore the North production. The performance and film received support from Fonds 21, Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, Feitsmafûns, Stifting FLMD, Stifting Arjen Witteveen Fûns, Douwe Kalmastifting and the municipality of Leeuwarden, among others.

Performance times and other information
Fri 2 July | 8:30 PM
Sat 3 July | 8:30 PM
Westerkerk | Price: €12.50 | Language: Frisian

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About the makers

Elmar Kuiper is a visual artist and writer. Kuiper belongs to Tsjinlûd, a collective of Frisian musicians, poets and artists, and is the singer of the Tigers fan Greonterp. He works together closely with actors, dancers and performers, and writes plays, one-acters and theatrical texts. Elmar Kuiper has released six poetry collections in Frisian and two in Dutch. Kuiper has won a Rely Jorritsma Prize on six occasions, and has performed in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, India, Portugal, Scotland and Spain. In the Netherlands he has performed twice at Poetry International Rotterdam. This autumn, a major retrospective poetry collection of Kuiper’s work will be published in India by Copper Coin.

Ester Eva Damen studied at the Rietveld Akademie and Netherlands Film and TV Academy (scriptwriting & directing), and subsequently had a residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (film/video). Ester Eva Damen’s work can be considered in a context of visual art, with collaboration between film and dance and new music forming one of the connecting themes. A foundation called la Jetée initiated by Ester Eva Damen has been promoting cross-over projects since 2007. Damen has created shorts, including Windhangen (2001), A fire called home (video installation, 2010), travelling labyrinth Schets voor een Stad (2010-12) and Añoranza (2019, installation, Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam). In addition to the Rûzje Wyn trilogy, Damen is working on a film/theatre project in Berlin.

Rienk Nicolai lives in Leeuwarden and alongside his work at VET college ROC Friesche Poort he also works as an actor, including as a training actor. Nicolai has over two decades of experience as theatrical and stage actor. He acted in music theatre in De Bruiloft (Reboelje), De Tocht van Morgen and the Wylde Boerinne, as an actor with Tryater in Macbeth, and in various open-air theatrical productions (iepenlofspullen) and plays in Friesland. Last year he featured in the (online) war drama De Kraak van de Kluis.

Lies van de Wiel is a director and instructor. In 2019, she directed De Poolse Bruid (NNT/TGEcho), which was selected for the Theater Festival 2020. Since 2005 her activities have included working as a stage director and instructor for the junior theatre school Vooropleiding Theater De Noorderlingen.