Photo: Marc Henri Queré

The science of imaginary solutions

Have you ever heard of ’Pataphysics’? It’s the science of imaginary solutions. A pataphysic calculates – for instance – the lateral wind sensitivity of sum totals, the surface area of God, the measurements of his bicycle (velosophy); he compiles an atlas of unmapped territories, is working on a cadastre of emptiness or on the geography of nothingness. Matthijs van Boxsel is completely occupied with this science of the sciences and very much likes to share this with his audience. He explores the universe which runs parallel to the ‘normal’ world. He celebrates the equality of all matters and people, causing him to feel no need whatsoever to lapse into humour, polemics or satire.

On Friday you can catch another Matthijs van Boxsel performance: he will then deliver a crash course on stupidity and failing at the highest level.