Furious discussion

What is the benefit of fury? Why do some people remain positive, while others anger easily? Is there a benefit to growing angry? And how constructive is being furious? Using a variety of approaches, Kristien Hemmerechts, Özcan Akyol, Dean Bowen and Elfie Tromp all create work in which fury plays a role. In Woedend! (Furious!), the authors will engage in discussion at Explore the North, addressing such questions. Their approach, however, is intended to be positive and constructive across the line. Elfie Tromp will moderate the discussion (in Dutch).

Fotocredits Kristien Hemmerechts: Keke Keukelaar

Fotocredits Özcan Akyol: New Day Studio

Fotocredits Elfie Tromp: Oscar van Beest