Merciless hip-hop with wicked ominous aesthetics

Even though it superfluously may look like it, the Flamish Kleine Crack & Slagter haven’t actually sold their souls to the devil. Yet do prepare for a show packed with possessed raps, heavy beats and merciless hip-hop bangers combined with an ode to devilish aesthetics. Faberyayo and Abel van Gijlswijk (Hang Youth) have already embraced Kleine Crack & Slagter’s music on their label Burning Fik (Burning Fire) – rather telling indeed if one’s label is called like that. With tracks which sometimes barely exceed the 1 minute margin, they seek to compress an infernal energy into Memphis rap inspired songs. One thing’s for sure: don’t dress too warmly, for things are really going to get heated during this performance and indeed: EVERYTHING. GOES.