In the sterile, structured world of KAMALOKA, everything is clear. A wall is a wall, and two times two is four. Yet new thoughts and new ideas still manage to seep in through the cracks and crevices. Some are frightening, while others are epic and liberating. The players lose themselves in seemingly endless reflections, seething rants, cascading thoughts, and forever the same question: ‘Am I crazy or is everyone else?’

KAMALOKA, performed by HOMSK, is so on-topic that it could not have come at a better time, with COVID-19 upending the world for everyone, forcing us to think and live differently, calling upon our flexibility and creativity. In KAMALOKA – which means something along the lines of a ‘between world’ – two people are cut off from the world.

KAMALOKA is a special theatre performance revolving around the theme of madness, a piece without beginning or end, where the audience circulates (coronavirus-proof). KAMALOKA is a HOMSK production, created and performed by Marjolein Ley and Eelco Venema. They collaborated with visual artist Bouke Groen, music group BlackboxRed and director Hendrik Aerts. Prior to KAMALOKA, you will be visiting the Museum van de Waanzin (Museum of Madness), where various work related to the theme can be viewed.

Times and other information
Tue 13 July - Thu 15 July | from 7.15PM | Language: Dutch
Neushoorn | Price: €16,25 and €32,50 (duoticket for 2 persons

Note: you buy tickets for a specific timeslot! Tickets can't be changed/refunded. Be on time because this show has a tight time schedule.

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KAMALOKA is the third production by theatre group HOMSK, following So Happy Together, a black comedy about an exploding amorous relationship, and Us Buorman Yn Tallinn, a political-philosophical video installation about Europe.

HOMSK aims to develop special small-scale productions based on their own repertory, preferably on location. Their performances leave an indelible impression, address current affairs and offer the audience a special personal experience. HOMSK enjoys working with other makers.