Wanting a lot, but few options

We all want a lot. Like a good relationship with your brother, a vacation to Iceland and to look like Dionne Stax. You wish David Bowie was still alive, and that you had the guts to take off and head for wherever in the world. You want to have a date that goes exactly like you imagined it would and for your mother to finally admit that things just are the way they are. You want to grow older and are waiting for the day that everything will change, while also hoping that everything will remain the same. Wanting a lot, but few options. Something we’ve all had to deal with this past year, haven't we?

TOEN RIJST NOG JONG WAS (WHEN RICE WAS STILL YOUNG) was created based on texts by five writers from Meeuw and Explore the North's Jonge Schrijvers (Young Writers) programme. Three professional actors will be performing: Karel Hermans, Rik Witteveen and Bart Harder.

TOEN RIJST NOG JONG WAS is a Meeuw jonge theatermakers and Explore the North co-production.

About Meeuw jonge theatermakers (Meeuw young theatre makers)
Meeuw jonge theatermakers is a hotbed for young theatrical talent aged 12 to 18. Under professional supervision, adolescents and young adults create theatrical productions, while there are also classes in various disciplines, including writing.

About Jonge Schrijvers (Young Writers)
Jonge Schrijvers is a Meeuw jonge theatermakers and Explore the North initiative. Youth aged 14 to 21 take classes in writing. Directors and actors create theatrical performances based on their writing which are programmed at festivals including Explore the North and Oerol. Our intention with this partnership is to foster a lively, interdisciplinary writing climate in Fryslân. Theatre, performance and literature are the basic ingredients.