Futuristic church service for the motorcycle racer who ground to a halt

Find salvation, stand still and remove your helmet. Leeuwarden band Hilbrandt will be presenting the debut performance of Ravijn (Ravine) at Explore the North 2019. Thanks to pounding synth rock and arresting autotune, the service will provide you with the same experience the motorcycle racer endured. Salvation requires sacrifice, brothers and sisters. The group will lead you into the Ravine. To hear the voice sound, remove your helmets, transform and – finally – come to a halt. In coming months, Hilbrandt will be acting as missionary for Ravijn as they travel the land, aiming to reach as many people as possible before the service at Explore the North.

‘In a world that only wants to go faster, somewhere there is always the Ravine.’ – Hilbrandt

Open call for Frisian makers active in pop culture

In coproduction with Explore the North and the Popfabryk, Hilbrandt will be producing a raging, futuristic church service for the motorcycle racer who ground to a halt. Hilbrandt’s plan was selected from those submitted after the open call from the Popfabryk and Explore the North. Explore the North and the Popfabryk have been working together for a number of years now, putting out such open calls. The intention is to encourage new Frisian productions related to pop culture being created. Ravijn is being made in collaboration with the Popfabryk and Explore the North, with the seventh edition of Explore the North hosting its performance.