‘Als je denkt dat vrede en geluk ergens anders zijn en je rent er achteraan, zul je nooit aankomen.’ (Tich Nath Hanh )

Waiting for the Spektakel (Spectacle), waiting for things to come. The actors, the audience .... waiting while a space seems to be evolving which is stripped of time. Where the only option is to stand back and adapt to your current situation. That space will yield another perspective of your surroundings. The trees. The tall grass. The clouds. The cyclists. Withered leaves on the ground .... And when you no longer expect it, a spectacle erupts. Right here, right now.

Het Spektakel is a multidisciplinary show in which theatre, music, song, sound and surroundings unite.

The show includes a podcast taking a closer look at the story behind the venues where the show takes place. What does it mean to feel connected to a specific place? What lends value to a location? The podcast can also be listened to separately from the performance.

This performance will premiere during our The Summer Sessions festival.


About Club NEL

Club NEL (Noord En Licht) consists of the young makers Anna Raadsveld, Vyne de Ruyter, Stan Vreeken, Mats Voshol and Lisa Frenkel. With roots in the North, the members of Club NEL intend to develop projects outside the confines of the Randstad urban region. Connecting with the space and freedom that the region has to offer plays an important role in their productions, as does connecting with their audience. 

Set times and other information
Fri 11 June 8.30 PM (try-out) > book your diner in De Westerkerk
Sun 13 June 3.30 PM & 7.30 PM (première)
Westerkerk | Language: Dutch | Price: € 12,50

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