Hang Youth is intentionally positioned somewhere between a comic art project, an angry tweet and a classically concerned, dead-serious punk outfit. In 2020, the Amsterdam crew released their albums Boel aan de hand (Much Up) and Alles moet beter (Everything Needs to Be (Done) Better), packed with ultrashort straight-up furious popped hardcore, featuring tracks like ‘Ik geef geen nier voor Rutte IV en Belastingdienst’ (Rutte IV and the Tax Administration Will Never Get a Kidney Off Me). The band's social commitment is reflected in their classical anarchist take on society, shredding television and radio reputations and sneering at the Amsterdam Zuidas financial elite. June saw the release of their new record Het k-woord (The C Word), and if capitalism manages to survive this mighty onslaught, we just might be treated to further albums.

About Hang Youth
Hang Youth comprises Abel van Gijlswijk (lead vocals), Kaj Bos (guitar, backing vocals), Ben Kraak (bass, piano, harmonica), Nout Kooij (drums). Dennis Duijnhouwer (backing vocals) and Jonathan Rex (backing guitar) are on hand at live shows to provide extra musical mayhem.