Brabohoppers (hip-hoppers from the Dutch province of Brabant) with hilarious lyrics and catchy tunes

Long live low maintenance gardens: Frino – chilling in wicker chairs between hard plastic garden gnomes, can of Bavaria beer in hand – enlightens us about their gravel tile philosophy of life. Let’s dub it Brabohop: beats, Brabant and bellowing. Wedding musician Ruben den Brok and garbage man Koen Frijns lead you through the streets of Eindhoven in their Fiat Punto, in order to – in the spirit and words of the crippled Woensel warriors as well as of Eindhoven city centre eccentrics – “paradisaically enhance your perspective on the world”. Skon (nice in Brabant dialect), not? In 2019 Frino has already been our festival guest in a smaller setting, performing their hit Dikke Jenny (...was een goudvis)*  for the first time. This time these word artists are rightly taking things to whole new level, once again offering their Leeuwarden audience an hilarious experience full of pounding bass tunes and funky beats.
* Fat Jenny (… was a gold fish)