These women spell it out for you

A matter of time, one often hears with regard to gender equality in literature. Though female writers are omnipresent anno 2022, it appears that the literary canon – as ever – remains to be predominantly male (and white), that women are still being awarded less literary prizes and that school reading lists continue to be dominated by books written by men. Writer’s collective Fixdit wants to change this. Fix it. Based on optimistic rage and solidarity. In a blistering manifesto the eleven Fixdit authors share their views on gender (in)equality and outdated assumptions regarding authorship and literature. The artist Marleen Stoelwinder, co-founder of FFataal, adds a Frisian perspective to it all.

Fixdit offers a programme packed with women’s literature, provocative statements and questions about inequality in the literary as well as the art world. She is joined by Sanneke van Hassel, Shantie Singh, Marleen Stoelwinder and Lisa Weeda.