Photo: Neeltje de Vries

Drunk, polar explorer, child prodigy

When one thinks of Iceland, one immediately thinks of glaciers, geysers and wild ponies. But did you know that the greatest unknown 20th century European poet originates from this mysterious island?

Joost Oomen, Willie Darktrousers and Poezieboys pay tribute to drunk, polar explorer and literary child prodigy Jörgi Eisføgl. Challenging your imagination, they take you along into a world of colourful poetry and miraculous events, in a way only Joost, Willie and Poezieboys are able to.

EISFØGL is a production of the Poezieboys Foundation and Explore the North. Thanks to De Parade.

EISFØGL - Joost Oomen, Willie Darktrousers & de Poezieboys
Saturday 15 October
4:45 pm - 5:20 pm
7:15 pm - 7:50 pm
9:00 pm - 9:35 pm
De Kapel