Photo: Marieke Ornelis by Sanne DeWilde

Frisian and Flemish writers (re)write history

Two Frisian and two Flemish makers are invited by Explore the North and Flemish-Dutch deBuren production house to explore Leeuwarden. During their stay they look into among others Oera Linda, a famous yet completely fake legend, which describes how the West-European society evolved from a Frisian, matriarchal society.

Sannemaj Betten, Marieke Ornelis, Johannes Lievens and Mees van Rijswijk write their own new myth inspired by the Oera Linda. The result can be heard during de Verwonderkamer performance at our festival.

De Verwonderkamer (The Wonder Room) is a project of Explore the North and the Flemish-Dutch deBuren production house.