Whether it’s a telescope or a rocket, humanity continues to dream about the cosmos. In his latest book, De Kosmische Komedie (The Cosmic Comedy), Frank Westerman takes his readers on a science non-fiction space journey. As a journalist, essayist and writer, Westerman is a master of forging creative, unexpected connections. At Explore the North, he will be telling you more, buoyed by his typical boundless curiosity. Expect a daunting quest, careening between astronomy and space travel, heaven and earth. From Eise Eisinga and Yuri Gagarin to the first ‘female’ robotic human in space, De Kosmische Komedie is science non-fiction at its most utterly delightful. 

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Sat 2 Sept | 8PM
Westerkerk | Price: €7,50 | Language: Nederlands

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About Frank Westerman

Frank Westerman grew up in Assen and studied Tropische Cultuurtechniek (tropical cultivation) at the predecessor to Wageningen UR: Wageningen Agricultural University. He gained renown with De Graanrepubliek (The Republic of Grain), Ingenieurs van de ziel (Engineers of the Soul), El Negro en ik (El Negro and Me; winner of the De Gouden Uil literary award), Stikvallei (Choke Valley) en Wij, de mens (We Human). His work has been published in 16 languages. In recent decades, Westerman has charted an unlikely literary course, winding through non-fiction, essays and journalism. Among other striking feats, he was the only Dutch journalist to visit Dutchbat in Srebrenica when the city was under siege, while he has also written literary accounts of his stays in Balkan countries and Russia.