Musical quest for what connects our voices

When people hear recordings of their own voice, they often are surprised by what they sound like. Flemish-Dutch singer Chantal Acda is utterly intrigued by ‘the voice’. Not just as an instrument, but also as a means of investigating our world. At Explore the North 2019 at the Dutch premier performance of her music theatre show PŪWAWAU, she will take you along on a six-part journey in which her compositions feature her own voice and her chamber orchestra. An investigation into the universal features that connect or influence voices, such as heritage, language, materials and the popular Dutch songs about all aspects of life known as levensliederen. The electro-acoustic experience has been given suitable lyrics and video images created by Josse de Pauw.

Chantal Acda is known from bands such as Isbells and Marble Sounds, among others. At Explore the North 2016 she performed an unforgettable show together with a ten-strong male Frisian choir, which was one of the festival highlights that year. This project was created in collaboration with Oerol, which hosted try-out performances last 14–23 June.

Choreografie: Chantal Acda en Peggy Olislaegers | Compositie:  Chantal Acda / Valgeir Sigurdsson (arrangementen) | Co-productie:  Oorwerk Vzw | Geluidsontwerp:  Eric Thielemans en Nick Symons | Live muziek:  Eric Thielemans / Laurens Smet | Mede mogelijk gemaakt door:  Vlaamse Gemeenschap | Productie:  Intro Maastricht | Publiciteit:  Intro Maastricht | Regie:  Eric Thielemans en Josse de Pauw | Scenografie:  Laura de Jong | Techniek:  Nick Symons / Paul Caron | Tekst:  Chantal Acda en Josse de Pauw | Zakelijke leiding:  Intro Maastricht | Zang:  Chantal Acda / NKK NXT